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Chester Surveyors offer you the full range of building surveys and defect analysis reports from qualified and knowledgeable Building Surveyors. Whether you are a property owner or a buyer we can provide specialist pre-purchase surveys and specialist building surveys. Chester Surveyors, the trading name of Right Surveyors North Wales Ltd, are fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

We employ only professional Building Surveyors who bring years of training and experience to diagnosing structural problems and finding hidden defects in your property.

This means you get better value for money at a competitive price plus the dedicated support of a specialist who will personally guide you through the whole process.

For a survey quote and free advice on your current property or prospective new home, contact Richard Preece on 01244 424 243 or email info@chestersurveyor.co.uk.

Just what is a home survey?

...and why is it so important?

Buying any building without a survey is a risk. By using the services of professional Building Surveyors you are safeguarding your investment. Additionally, Building Surveyors can advise you on all aspects of the purchase, warn you of structural stability and detect hidden defects, which can help you to negotiate a better price.

Your dedicated local Chartered Building Surveyor Richard Preece MRICS leads Chester Surveyors as part of Right Surveyors North Wales Ltd and will personally undertake instructions from new private and commercial clients. Richard is an experienced professional with a diverse range of skills. He has worked in the profession for many years and is competent to survey and value both residential and commercial property, as well as other building and property assets.

"Our focus is on delivering a cost-effective service - providing you with comprehensive detail and advice, for less."

Our Services

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House Purchase Survey Report

The House Purchase Survey is our most popular survey and suitable for most property buyers. Our Building Surveyors provide a briefer and more digestible version of the Full Building Survey at a lower cost.

By focusing on what you need to know, the report gives you the information to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with a purchase. Like the HomeBuyer's Survey it reports on matters directly affecting the property’s value but also highlights problems that might affect your day-to-day living experience and guides you on maintenance requirements.

The report covers all of the features of the Full Building Survey including matters like structural movement, ventilation, damp, timber joinery etc. By not going into as much detail as the full survey, The House Purchase Survey provides a cost-effective alternative for any type of property - whether commercial or residential, large or small.

RICS Full Building Survey

Our Full Building Survey includes a comprehensive inspection of the property and gives you a detailed report tailored to your specific requirements. The bespoke and thorough report gives you a complete overview of the property and its condition, provided by our fully qualified Chartered Surveyor who is also registered with the RICS.

The Full Building Survey makes provision for specially undertaken structural inspections and drainage assessments. An in depth assessment is made of specific problems with guidance on how to deal with them and advice as to the likely costs involved.

Only a qualified and independent Chartered Surveyor can satisfactorily undertake a Full Building Survey. It requires a professional with many years of experience in diagnosing and predicting structural and building problems of all kinds. Our expertise in finding defects early could save you money on civil action and costly future repairs.

On a tight budget or timescale?

If you're looking to exchange contracts on your property purchasae quickly or perhaps you do not have the budget required for a full survey, our Chartered Surveyor Richard can offer personal Verbal Acquisition Advice. To save money on a full written report, he will carry out a full property inspection as if making a written building survey and report back to you that day, by telephone or in person. You can still get all the information you need, and at the lowest possible price.

Tight budget or timescale?
Our dedication to the highest quality of service has made us one of the most popular Chester Building Surveyors. See our testimonials page for details.

Property Services

Buy, sell and manage your property.

Open Property Group

Slow sale holding up your chain? Looking to sell a property, but not keen on waiting months to find a buyer? Our investment partners will offer you full market value and work hard to exchange contracts within weeks of agreement.

Click the button below to see how a specialist investor can help you!

Capital Allowances

When you buy, lease or improve a commercial property, HMRC allows you to use some of that expenditure to reduce tax.

Our clients often obtain a tax benefit which could exceed 10% of the property purchase price; often in the hundreds of thousands.

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Chester Surveyors

"I received a call from Richard Preece within five minutes of making an inquiry. The survey was arranged within the week, with results e-mailed to me on a Friday evening and a paper copy posted. The survey was very informative."

Eric Davies

Chester Surveyors

"I was going to buy a holiday property in Wales. With the help of Mr. Preece I was able to get a very professional Survey in short time. His Service is prompt, friendly and extensive. I would always choose him again."

Dr. Andreas Neeb

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