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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why you may need a Structural Survey in Chester, Cheshire.

What exactly can you help with?

We can provide you with a structural survey, condition reports and expert property advice in Chester and across Cheshire.

Across our surveying team, we offer a wide range of services and advice to fit various budgets and properties. Our experience extends between the private and public sectors, from large commercial properties to terraced residential houses and pretty much everything in between.

Clients should be aware, however, that the HomeBuyers Report is unsuitable for properties constructed in or before the Victorian period and is limited in the depth of detail which can be included.

Clients seeking a more thorough view may prefer a Structural Survey or a Full Building Survey.

Who do I speak to during the process?

In most instances, you will be put through straight to a qualified Chartered Surveyor to discuss your requirements.

We believe that all clients can benefit from the advice of a qualified surveyor and that, particularly in a time as stressful as a property purchase, the best thing for the client is to be able to speak at length to the surveyor directly about all their property requirements.

This enables you to discuss any aspects of the property that concern you or any ideas you may have for the property itself.

As the instruction progresses, our surveyor will be on hand to discuss the results of his survey and what that might mean for your purchase, the price you are paying and your maintenance requirements for the future.

Which service is best for me?

Whilst many practices only offer the HomeBuyers report and the structural survey, we offer a wider range of services to make sure we can help in any given situation. If you have a tight budget, perhaps the HomeBuyers survey or Verbal Acquisition advice would be best.

If you are buying a complex or old property, the Structural Survey or Full Building Survey might be the better option.

Whatever your requirement, it is always best to discuss the situation directly with one of our surveyors as their expert knowledge can guide you to the right survey.

What are your fees?

Surveyors, like solicitors, charge for their time.

As such, we have no standard fee scale - inaccurate or inappropriate quotes can lead to restrictions on time or lead to potential defects not being discovered or discussed in full.

Our focus is on delivering a cost-effective service - providing you with comprehensive detail and advice, for less.

We take each property on its merits and judge how long it will take us to complete the job. Based on that time estimation, we will provide you with a price.